Dresser Drawer is a production company that facilitates and produces projects concerning identity politics, the human condition and challenging the traditional audience/performer relationship through the creation of film, theatre and web-based media.

For inquires please email: dresserdrawerproduction@gmail.com

In Development


Created by Wayne Burns

Status: Concept Development

Micro presentation on February 16th, 2018 as part of the Bi-Visibility Cabaret.

More info here.


Headlock – Web Series

Graduating University, Damien’s future lies ahead of him, however a series of unforeseen circumstances leaves him living out of his car, not knowing what the next day will bring. After trying to rehash his past with previous relationships, Damien reaches a breaking point and tries to get his life back on track.

Written by Craig Jay

Status: Script Development



Prey – Short Film

A young woman confronts her past and present romantic partners. Culminating into a meditation on identity, Prey explores how one of the hardest choices one has to make is to simply put themselves first.

Adapted from Prey by Britney Tangedal

Directed by Vivien Endicott-Douglas

Director of Photography: Gayle Ye

Starring: Erica Anderson & Stephen Tracey

Status: Screening TBA


Cheese – Short Film

A group of friends put on a play to cheer up one of their own. This short emphasizes the power film has to shape our lives, through emulation of what we see on screen, and how we can use the medium itself to make harmony look cooler than conflict. 

Written & Directed by Alexander De Jordy 

Director of Photography: Dennis Grishnin

Starring: James Daly, Cynthia Hicks & Alessandro Costantini

Status: Screening TBA


The Gift Giver – Short Film


A HIV support group is infiltrated by a young man with the intention of contracting the virus. 

Written & Directed by Denis Theriault

Director of Photography: Jordan Kennington 

Starring: Wayne Burns, Kyle Mac & Alex Ozerov

Status: World Premiere – 2017 InsideOut LGBT Film Festival.


LIONESS – Solo Performance

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.12.49 PM

Maria attends her very first parent/teacher meeting with the best of intentions, what follows is a share-all about womanhood and the trials and tribulations of single parenting.

Created and Performed by Wayne Burns

Directed by Petra O’Toole

Status: Complete


Project: CNY – Short Film

After a renowned scientist is kidnapped from his home and a bio-nuclear weapon is stolen from a covert bunker in Nevada, Q,, the lead tech engineer and ground support for Fleming, the country’s top clandestine agent, is forced to make a decision between his family and the fate of the world.  

Directed by  Sean Kung

Written by  Celeste Koon

Director of Photography: Howard Wan

Starring: Michael Man, Brett Donahue, Katriina Isberg & Jean Yoon.

Status: World Premiere – 2016 REELWorld Film Festival

*Winner – Industry Choice Award – 2017 Toronto Youth Shorts


Wanted  – Short Film

Photo By Stephen Tracey

Photo By Stephen Tracey

Two young socialites meet on a park bench in the moments leading up to the kidnapping and sale of a child into the human traffic ring.

Directed by Alejandra Simmons

Written by Wayne Burns

Director of Photography: Luke Wan

Status: Complete

Youth – Short Film (Silent)

An examination of nature’s effect on children and the pleasure that urban residents experience during the exploration of open spaces. 

Written & Directed by Wayne Burns

Starring: Eponine Lee

Status: Complete